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Organize a trip to USA on your own

  • Posted on: 23 January 2020
  • By: addmean
Since last 10 years, when Poland become a lot more rich because of partnership in EU, we have much more options for summer vacations then earlier. Every year prizes of airline connections are cheaper, therefore also intercontinental journey are available for a lot of individuals.

Author: Susanne Nilsson

If you want to have a holidays of your lifetime you better go to the United States.

Author: Lukas Plewnia

Formalities before the journey

Even when Poland is part of European Union since more than a decade, still Polish travelers need to get a visa to pass the borders of United States, before flight - LOT Polish Airlines - reservation. That is why if you are arranging a visit to that place first you have to take care of is to reserve a meeting with American consul, you can select Warsaw's or Cracow's division. You'll wait for a term for at least few weeks, depending on number of applications. Than you'll need to travel to one of those embassies to answer several questions and to bring important papers, which will proof you don't have a criminal past and would show your financial condition. If everything will go alright you'll get a tourism visa that will be valid for a ten year.

Fly around the States

The cheapest airplane tickets are available to New York, so it is ideal place to begin your sightseeing.

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NYC is know for interesting landscapes, Statue of Liberty, a lot of skyscrapers and other fascinating attractions. When you're admirer of art do not miss the visit in Metropolitan Museum, it contains possibly the biggest exhibition of European paintings.

From NYC you can reserve a domestic flight to another part of States, it's very cheap type of transportation, Americans are using it all the time. For example plane ticket to Miami should cost you less than 100 dollars in both directions.