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Organize a trip to Spain from the start

  • Posted on: 9 January 2020
  • By: addmean
Most of the people are spending vacations on slow week by the seashore in some exotic destination. That type of activity is great, but when you're more active person it could be a bit boring.

When you wish to explore as big number of attractions as possible in single week you better consider a tour across the whole Spain.

Get ready for the road

When you wish to reach Spain in the most reasonable price you have to reserve a flights to some of it airfield. TThere're plenty of alternatives available, but you better begin with Barcelona. To purchase the cheapest option possible you should book it as fast as possible, six months before the trip will be great. Also, if you're planning a trip with a backpack you don't have to take a additional luggage, that is payable. Next relevant issue at Spain is accommodation, when you want the cheapest option try in hostels, up there joined apartments are available in the very reasonable price.

Author: Ted Eytan


Author: Lukas Plewnia

Exploration in Spain you better begin in Barcelona, where flights are cheapest. Town ispopular thanks to phenomenal masterpieces of Antonio Gaudi. Don't miss a trip to Sagrada Familia cathedral and a Casa Mila house, both really vanguard and beautiful.

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Beside, Barcelona is stuffed with another sort of architecture, you should explore temple of Saint Eulalia for example. Next relevant metropolis in Spain is Madrid, where architecture is truly breathtaking. Some of the nicest buildings up there is Royal Castle, main home of Spanish king, on part open for tourists to visit.

At the last stop of the tour go to Seville, great city in the southern area of country.

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In there you may see many of instances of Arabic art, a remains of the past, modified in the Catholic fashion.