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Be a popular driver – drive BMW cars

  • Posted on: 25 February 2015
  • By: addmean
BMW M135i
Author: FotoSleuth
The BMW corporation has introduced an innovative software named bmw combox which will modify the drivers thinking of the present vehicles totally. The nbt retrofit has plenty useful features which are able to help the owners during various trips and supply lots of entertainment as well ( 1. Bmw f20 navigation – navigation is extremely influential in every auto. BMW has made their own direction-finding which is devoted to BMW’s users.

Thanks this application, you can find the easiest way from point A to B. What is more, BMW’s direction-finding has upgraded the newest maps, so you can be sure that even the newest roads will be chosen by the program. During choosing the road, you can select if you want to choose the fastest, cheaper or the most economical way. What is more, if you connect the navigation to the Internet, it will inform you about streets difficulties like: crashes or radars. More?: click here to visit ...
It is indicated by the fact that having a BMW vehicle offers us a chance to have broad access to miscellaneous solutions such as this mentioned above, thanks to which we can for instance extend the functionality of our car.

Another attractive fact referred to this company is that its cars belong to the most reliable, which implies that there is no need from the long-term perspective to spend plenty time and money on repairing it. BMW combox is something this German brand is famous of and an issue that has guaranteed this company recognition worldwide. It is indicated by the fact that due to investments in this innovation we can make use of various solutions prepared by BMW experts that might provide us great range of amenities that target is to make our life significantly more comfortable. One of the apps applied by the BMW is called bmw combox. What it is and what are the top features of the application.

First of all, it possess lots improvements for young individuals who love music and love hearing it in the car. The application makes listening to music simpler thanks to Bluetooth audio streaming. It means that the consumers do not must burn the CDs to hear songs in their vehicles. It is adequate to connect the smart phone with the automobile radio. It is very easy and practical for everyone.

BMW apps – it is 1 of the most popular changes applied in BMW’s vehicles (link to us). Particularly immature drivers who would like to make an impression on their friends and present something more than unsafe and risky driving like the improvement. Thanks this addition, the clients can make a use of Facebook, hear to web radio or find the simplest road thanks to direction-finding. • BMW programs – thanks to the accessibility to the Internet and the apps, each BMW’s automobile owner is obtainable to have limitless right to use to Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and web Radio. The applications will allow you to be in touch with your household members and friends and enjoy driving.