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1 of the most important and well-known certificate is GOST certificate

  • Posted on: 26 February 2015
  • By: addmean
Author: Gaetano Rap
Every popular corporation had similar path that had to be passed in order to belong to the most influential enterprises worldwide. Above all, most of the biggest companies began as little enterprises. Later, after some years of successful existence it made a choice to develop on other markets. GOST originated inside the 1920's, whilst the freshly made USSR implanted Gosstandart, a executive bureau in charge of writing, upgrading, engraving, and dispersing the standards. Massive modifications were made pursuing the final of Globe War Second, and the one contemporary GOST standards could be traced spine to 1968 when the once book government normalization was sold.

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Author: Trevor King
There are 2 types of Gost Russia certifications. The 1st one is for a single shipment, for instance, when you deliver or deliver goods only once. The license must be used only once. It is much cheaper than sequential manufacture license. The 2nd possibility is a certificate for a sequential manufacture purpose.

If you are an possessor of Gost certification ( you are allowed to import goods within 1, 2 or three years. However, in some situations here should be conducted the factory inspection. Here usually go two or three experts from Russian Federation and test the excellence of factory and the qualityof manufactured goods. In order to run a successful business there, such option like GOST certificate is recommended. Owing to it we have a great possibility to attract foreign buyers to our goods rapider.

It is so, because Russian customers are believed to be in general loyal and accustomed to local products. Therefore, if a foreign product has not been awarded with GOST R, it is considerably less likely to achieve as good results regards sales results as those, which are sold by local producers. This indicates that in the planning process of the expansion of our business we ought to keep in mind that acquiring Russian GOST should be considered as one of the most important goals (link to www). Due to similar attitude we can find it substantially less complicated to take advantage of Russian market, which is known to be probably the most attractive place to expand for current companies. Since the Soviet Union fell apart at the start of the 1990's, GOST did not vanish with it.

Instead it turned into an global body, cooperating with the firstly independent ex-Soviet states to ensure high standards were motionless being met. It now runs under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), a regional organization similar to the EU. GOST certification is a wide concept and there are multiple certificates available. Some, such as safety and environmental standards, are required. Moreover, we need to also keep in mind that nowadays it is considerably easier to convince the people there to even checking a foreign substitute instead of focusing on local goods. Consequently, if we would like to minimize the costs of the expansion there in long-term, we need to, first of all, decide ourselves for above analyzed GOST certificate. Due to obtaining it we can assure nowadays the customers of various countries of the past Soviet Union that commodities made by us are really worth spending their money and can also fulfill the demands of diverse clients quite efficiently and also in quite good price.